What do I do if I have been injured due to someone else's negligence?

  • Call 911;
  • Trade insurance and driver's license information;
  • Get names and numbers of any witnesses;
  • Get immediate medical attention if your injuries are severe and you are experiencing pain

Then, call Sassin Law Firm and let us fight for you!

After reviewing the facts of your case, and if liability is clear, the staff will immediately file your claim against the responsible driver, individual, and/or company who is responsible for your injuries and damages. In order for recovery to be made, it is important to understand that the adverse party must have insurance in place in order to make recovery for your damages possible. If you carry insurance and excess coverage such as PIP and Uninsured or Underinsured, you may be able to receive additional compensation.

What happens if there is no insurance coverage from the responsible party?

In a personal injury claim, if the negligent party does not carry insurance, recovery of damages will be difficult. Before progressing with your claim, the staff will ensure that all potential insurance coverage is examined and verified (including commercial, automotive, PIP coverage and UIM/UM coverage);

What is a diminished value claim?

An insurance company may be obligated to pay you for any loss to the value of your vehicle due to the damages, regardless of whether the repairs have been done. If you have Uninsured or Underinsured insurance, your insurance policy may also allow for a claim for diminished value.

What if I am still hurt after I have been released from the doctor?

  • Future medical bills - When you have been seriously injured due as a result of an accident, you may require more medical care than expected. When evaluating your medical records and bills, the firm will consult your treating doctor about your future prognosis and potential medical needs for the future. This is considered during settlement negotiations.
  • Pain and suffering - Depending on the level of injury, this can be another element of damages that includes the discomfort, sleepless nights and stress that typically accompanies a personal injury. These elements are taken into consideration during settlement negotiations, as well.

Do I get to claim my time off from work? And what if I am "just not the same" after the accident?

  • Lost wages - A claim for lost wages is applicable in a claim for injuries when your treating physician has given you a clear and direct "off-work" order. Additionally, the time lost to attend your visits and therapy can be claimed as a loss.
  • Future loss of earning capacity - If your injury keeps you from working the same job, hours and/or other specific details of your current job, these also count as a loss. At the time of settlement, these damages are also taken into account for negotiation purposes.

How long does it typically take to process a claim for injuries?

  • Pre-litigation - Each case is different in relation to liability, case facts, and damages. Most cases take approximately 9-12 months in pre-litigation (direct claim handling with responsible insurance) status to be resolved.
  • Litigation - in the event that the office is unable to reach a prompt settlement of your claim, whether it is due to low settlement offers or claim denial, your claim will move into litigation (trial before the court or jury). In the event this happens, it could take another year or two before your claims can be satisfactorily resolved.

How much does an attorney cost?

  • Personal Injury cases are typically handled on a contingency fee basis, this allows for attorneys fees to be paid when the claim settles. 
  • Divorce cases are on an hourly or set fee. A retainer will be necessary, typically 50% of total case fees quoted;
  • Commercial and other matters are determined upon case review and typically handled on an hourly, basis rate.

What is a letter of protection?

Oftentimes, clients lack insurance coverage, or their PIP benefits have been depleted. When this happens, medical facilities and doctors will sometimes accept a "letter of protection," which is a document allowing the patient to continue treatment without having to pay for it until a later date. Normally, there is no reimbursement made until the patient reaches a full recovery. It is essential that the client understands that if the case is not resolved in their favor, a letter of protection on file does not excuse the client from paying the medical bills incurred.

What determines the value of my claim?

The firm is able to estimate the value of your case once we have gathered the accident reports, witness statements, and medical bills and records. Once this is complete, our team will evaluate your claims and discuss with the client the potential value and current settlement climate.

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